Stanislas Lejeune, a collector of antiques since childhood, implements, with Galerie Stanislas, a creative antique and vintage concept boutique which will provide lifestyle furniture including home décor and accents, antique reproduction and gifts geared towards meeting the needs of a well-furnished modern home and office. With his love for Art, the seventies and eighties, his passion for refined metal, precious minerals and colored resins that create luminous objects and give fantasy as well as harmony of reworked objects and furniture, combined with the finds of exclusive works of the most famous contemporary Artists such as Armand Jonckers, Willy Daro, Christian Krekels, Georges Mathias, Marc Dhaenens and many others, Stanislas is pursuing his passion for antiques and collectibles. After twenty-five years of experience in Belgium, France and the United States, Stanislas set out to make a success of Galeries Stanislas Antique & Vintage. Although, Stanislas has invested a lot in recent years to develop his offering in pursuit of the passion, the money invested will never compare to the countless hours of time and his constant involvement to find the right selection of merchandise, the continued evaluation of displays and ongoing interaction with his clients, in pursuit for perfection.